Meet Marie & John Rood

Hi there! We’re Marie & John from Kansas City, Missouri; we own and operate LR Photo. We are a fun loving couple that live to make our couples laugh. We have a love for intimate photographs, wedding cake, whiskey tasting, and classic cars! 

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Marie is the visionary, dreamer, and curator. She’s had a camera in her hand since she could aim and shoot, and she developed an eye for framing amazing photographs. So in 2013 she decided to document couples in love in fine detail and has not looked back since. This past summer while in France, she was reintroduced to the fine art of film photography. LR Photo has been the ride of her life and she hopes to bring a mixture of film and digital art photography into our business for our 2018 couples.

John is the businessman and artist. He came to the business in 2014 as the manager and became a photographer a year later. He keeps things running smoothly and helps Marie deliver dreams. We started LR Photo to give our couples the experience that we wanted. When we were planning our wedding day, we had no idea what to expect. And, what we came away with was disappointing. Our charter is to get to know our couples, mix your dream and our vision, and create art with you. We'd love to meet you both soon!