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Hello There, 

           We are Marie and John Rood. Behind the camera we work to give you the best images possible. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxed on your wedding day. Story telling is what we do best, we want to tell your love story from the engagement, to capturing all of the intricate details of the wedding. We provide images that take you back to that "wedding day feel" well after your wedding is over. When you look at your wedding images we want you to relive those moments over and over again.

      We are happily married and we have two little girls. We have always enjoyed weddings mainly because of all the happiness associated. Knowing that we can give you images that remind you exactly what you were doing, saying and thinking at that moment makes it worth while. We look forward to helping you remember your wedding and telling your story the way you want the world to see it.

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Things We Love

We love our friends.
These boys are our friends.

We love our family.
It is everything.

We love our small town.
People wave at you on the street.

We love our prints. Prints are real, and you can see them, and touch them. They have texture. They are real.

We love our pets.
This is Isaac and he's a hunter.

about us.....

Marie loves sailboats.
I can't say why, but perhaps its because they are hard to build, and hard to sail. But, once you get it, then it's yours.

Marie is a phenomenal photographer and such a joy to work with! 
- Elizabeth


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