Marie's favorite things 

 I'm the social butterfly, Enneagram 8, and the extreme extrovert behind LR Photo. Anytime you give me a choice I'll choose film over digital but I can rock both cameras under any circumstance, that's my Imperia! I am elated to be able to spend a few weekends a year photographing the most amazing weddings in and around Nashville, TN and the Kansas City, MO area. 

I adore outdoor weddings filled with sunshine, laughter and warm weather. My priority is getting to know each of my couples, it's the best way for me to capture who they are together.  I fell in love with wedding photography because I get to be a part of the start of a legacy, which is so very important to me.

When I'm not photographing weddings, I am an active duty Soldier stationed on Fort Campbell, KY. 


Wedding & Anniversary Photography

Lininger Rood

Marie here, and I've totally got you covered!

Real flowers make the event. My team and I absolutely love photographing flowers at a wedding. They make the best gift and they also make the day! In many European homes you can find a fresh bouquet somewhere on a table or beside a window, that's just great taste to me. The combination of film and flowers is pure magic.


My place of birth, I love the mountains, the lakes, the colors and anything you can think of when you mention the state. I make a trip every two years to explore.


Wedding Cake is my absolute favorite dessert. I love everything about cake. I enjoy photographing cake but not more than indulging in it. Good cake makes for a great party!

Wedding Cake

I write everything. I write in little books, notepads, journals; They are everywhere. There's just something about the feel of a good piece of paper in your hand. I make it a point to hand write a note to our couples after their wedding because its just the perfect little touch.


My love for travel started at a young age. Exploring the world is something that I take time to plan. Maybe I explore a new city close by or spend a few weeks abroad, the need to take in new sights is what fuels my heart the most.


... and orange juice. Just a splash though (of Champagne that is!). I love Mimosas for a late brunch.  Together you'll find a few close friends and I at the nearest brunch spot. Sipping mimosas and planning our next adventure.


Bride and groom portraits are what most excites me about the wedding day, next to the wedding ceremony that is. I would give anything to photograph mostly outdoor weddings filled with flowers and sunshine. Even with that said, I am most excited for any and all weddings, just as long as I am there to capture the couple, I am in heaven!