Our favorite things 

I'm Marie, the social butterfly behind LR Photo. Together we are film photographers that spend a few weekends a year photographing the most amazing weddings in and around the Kansas City area. 
As a family- we have two daughters, two cats and a dog that continuously asks John about his adoption story, even though John wasn't there yet!  
As photographers-We long for outdoor weddings filled with sunshine, laughter and warm weather. John and I love getting to know each of our couples, its the best way for us to capture who they are together. 

Meet Marie and john

Wedding Photography

Lininger Rood

Real flowers make the event. We absolutely love photographing flowers at a wedding. They make the best gift and they also make the day! In many European homes you can find a fresh bouquet somewhere on a table or beside a window, that's just great taste to us. The combination of film and flowers is pure magic.


With no debate, John thinks gin is clearly the greatest of all the Dutch contributions. The light and crisp smell of juniper needs nothing else to be perfect. The occasional Martini or, perhaps a splash of tonic, but you can expect to find John with a glass and two cubes. Or, neat please. 


Wedding Cake is our absolute favorite dessert. We love everything about cake. When we got married it was one of the longest standing due outs. Good cake makes for a great party!

Wedding Cake

I write everything. I write in little books, notepads, journals; They are everywhere. There's just something about the feel of a good piece of paper in your hand. I make it a point to hand write a note to our couples after their wedding because its just the perfect little touch.


Our love for travel started at a young age. Exploring the world is something that we take time to plan. Maybe we explore a new city close by or spend a few weeks abroad, the need to take in new sights is what fuels our hearts the most.


... and orange juice. Just a splash though (of Champagne that is!). I love Mimosas for a late brunch. Magnificent. John is more of a whiskey guy so together you'll find us at the nearest whiskey tasting. Me with a sour face and him with a huge grin!


John doesn't really care for the expensive ones, or the really fast ones. Not the ones from magazines, or the ones that ride inside a trailer to the show. The good ones. He loves nothing more than developing a relationship with a good car. He says it's like having an old friend that depends on you, and you depending on them.