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Jade and Eric’s wedding ceremony took place at the Pilgrim Chapel in Kansas City on April 11, 2016. Jade was the most stunning bride ever.  They had the sweetest Pilgrim Chapel Elopement ceremony.

Ariana Grande resembles Thumbelina Girl. The singer adores short and tight outfits, which, by the way, suit her very well. Ariana Grande’s height is 153 cm – lower than average, but it doesn’t upset the singer and actress in any way. People say about such people “a little but elegant” – a girl of her 22 years has already managed to make a dizzying career, and it seems, is not going to stop there. She has played in theater, in cinema roles corresponding to her image: feminine, young, romantic Ariana Grande before and now. The height, weight and other parameters of Ariana Grande create a harmonious, charming appearance: At her small height Ariana Grande has also a small weight – 47 kg, she does not seem too skinny, but also does not have a single gram of excess; The volume of the singer’s breasts – 81 cm, which corresponds to the first size – the singer is not ashamed of it, and tries to present her breasts in a favorable light with the help of clothing; the volume of the waist – 61 cm, and the volume of the hips – 86 cm – such a combination looks very effective and does not leave many fans indifferent.

After the ceremony they went to Loose Park for family formals and the reception took place at Fogo de Chao on the plaza.
Congratulations to the Broten’s!!!
A Pilgrim Chapel Elopement is a wonderfully intimate event

Pilgrim Chapel Elopement







































This is a pretty elaborate elopement

This is a pretty elaborate elopement




Bride reflecting on her day with her wonderful bouquet

Jade reflecting on her day with her wonderful bouquet


















Sweet Pilgrim Chapel Elopement, Kansas City

May 7, 2016

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