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When we opened for business in September 2015 booking was slow. I was nervous of course just because of all of the excitement. I had talked to a few brides but nothing was solid. Katrina contacted us and was our FIRST LRP BRIDE!!!! Not only was she beautiful but she was extremely sweet. We had a few phone conversations before the wedding and worked out all of her details. This was our first couple! How perfect.

The morning of her wedding day she was busy getting ready with her best girls, her aunts and her mom. There were so many family members dropping by just to see her and hug her on her special day. John met Jonathan and his guys at the Church for some one on one guy time and they had a blast. The wedding was emotional as Katrina walked down the aisle. She was stunning in her gown and you could see that she was so very happy. Jonathan’s father served as the officiant and the ceremony was beautiful. From there it was off to Counterpoint KC for the reception. They had a mix of industrial decor, a coffee bar and a wonderful crowd of people to greet them at the doorway.

After all of the formal events Katrina and Jonathan danced the night away! Congratulations you two, we are SO happy that you were our first couple. You are the true meaning behind #LRPBrides #LRPCouples



Our FIRST EVER LRP Couple!!!

February 5, 2017

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