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The Cat is finally out of the bag….I am moving to Nashville! I think many of my industry friends forget that I am an active duty Soldier, with that comes moving!

I have been in the Midwest for 5 years, and while that is almost unheard of in the military (to stay in a place for so long), my time here is almost coming to an end!

I traveled to Nashville a few weeks ago to hang out in the city and make a few connections. I am so excited and nervous about this entire situation, but more excited than any other emotion.

Here are a few images around Nashville that I snapped before I made it back to KC. I’m not gone just yet friends, so if you want to grab coffee or hang out…my official eviction notice is not until December!

LR Photo in Nashville
LR Photo in Nashville

LR Photo will be Nashville based!

August 2, 2019

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