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Brea + Cortez

I met Cortez in the Spring of 2016 when he was a student in my Freshman ROTC class. He was great student who had many interests in a few paths in the Army. A very popular kid on the faculty side of the house as our other instructors wanted him to take their path. At the end of every year we have a military ball…this is where we get to meet all of the hometown girlfriends/boyfriends of all of the students. Out came the sweet, beautiful and shy Breanne.

After I left the school to move on to my next assignment, I was dreaming up my next shoot and asked Breanne if she would join in with Cortez. They happily agreed and we took the entire crew to STL, MO. The night we arrived there was a tornado in a smaller city close by, our makeup artist got lost trying to find our Airbnb, the park was pretty disturbed with debris. I mean, what else could go wrong? We were also late getting to the location and had less than an hour to shoot and clear out of the Airbnb. Despite these things the shoot was absolutely gorgeous and was published on Munaluchi Bride. If you don’t remember it, click HERE.

Its totally safe to say that during the shoot I bullied Cortez and Breanne into being their photographer for their wedding. I had to wait TWO WHOLE YEARS for them to finally get engaged but I am a patient one! Cortez proposed to Breanna on a hike in a beautiful field of yellow wild flowers. The ring he chose was to die for, good Job Cortez!

When it was finally time to chose a photographer there was no choice to be made, since I bullied them, and I got the call for all the deeds of their day. We have been planning their engagement for roughly one year because now Cortez is an Army officer stationed in DC. He’s been on many TDY movements and sometimes he is in other parts of the country for weeks on end. We finally settled on a date that he would be home so, Terell and I hopped on a plane to DC. And WHAT A WEEKEND!

We decided on two days of shooting, one day in Annapolis and one day in the heart of DC. Breanne is a fashion icon so if you love her style follow her on Instagram to see all of the fun there. Her dresses were from DISSH and I was loving everything about them. Guys, her Bridal Tea was to die for…go follow and thank me later. Oh yea, Cortez, the guy that made all of this possible…is not only an Officer in the Army, he is also a photographer. Go check out all of his work and personal training HERE.

We can’t wait for the big day in September at the World’s Fair Pavilion in STL.

Brea + Cortez DC Engagement

Breanne + Cortez DC Engagement

May 16, 2022

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