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The day started with hair and make up and then over to St. Peter’s Catholic Church for getting ready and the ceremony. Rochelle couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. She was the happiest bride on her wedding day. With the help of her sister and best friends, she slipped into her ball gown styled wedding dress and down the aisle she went.
Frederick was waiting at the end of the aisle and took her hand with a warm smile on his face. The ceremony was beautiful. After the ceremony the couple greeted and thanked guests and off to the reception we went. The reception was filled with candle light and a few cards honoring loved ones who had passed on. The most memorable one for us was the recipe card from Frederick’s grandma and a note explaining how much the family missed her and her meals that brought the family together. Congratulations you two, your wedding was the best!

Beautiful KC Wedding at St. Peter’s Catholic Church

November 19, 2016

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