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Jennifer and Zach are finally married! We met these two last year and shot a family engagement session with Harper, their sweet little 2 year old. ¬†We met Jennifer on the morning of her wedding day at Posh KC for hair and makeup. Jennifer seemed very shy and she wasn’t too talkative. Her stylist, Chandler, is the same one I use when I go to Posh KC. Once we had been with the bridal party for a little bit of time they all opened up and started talking to us and were more comfortable around us. As soon as Jennifer was finished with hair and makeup, we all drove over to the church to get ready for the ceremony.

Zach and his guys came over to the church not too long after Jennifer and her girls got there. They were all laughing and snap chatting EVERYTHING! I went back to the bridal suite to catch the first look between Jennifer and her father. This is where this wedding started to be emotional for me. When Jennifer’s father came into the room and looked at her, he broke down in a silent cry walking over to hug her. I cried through this interaction. I am surprised my images came out clear because I couldn’t hold it together. We also had a first look with Jennifer’s bridesmaids and they all teared up seeing how beautiful she looked. Harper came into the room and called her mother a Princess and everyone’s hearts just melted.

John was in the waiting area where Zach and his groomsmen were waiting for the pastor to lead them in a pre-wedding prayer. Zach was reading the letter Jennifer wrote to him. You could tell Zach was trying to hold back emotions while reading this letter. Soon after the pastor came into the waiting area and greeted everyone. She was so bubbly and sweet. She came in and prayed over the men and then led them out into the ceremony space.

The ceremony was beautiful! Zach walked his mother down the aisle and hugged his dad and waited to see the rest of his friends walk down before getting to see his bride. Harper came down and was so overwhelmed that she ran down the aisle crying. Totally forgetting to throw the rose petals. She ran straight to Zach and he held her for a few minutes until she was calm.

Jennifer appeared with her father. She was crying, but she looked stunning! The pastor’s bubbly personality quickly dried her tears as they laughed at the pastor’s quirky jokes. After the rings and a kiss Jennifer and Zach were finally married!!!!

We stopped over at Prairie Fire for bridal portraits and had a blast. The guys were so much fun and they all knew how to have a great time. Once the couple got to the reception venue they were announced and everyone finally had chance to eat before the formal portions of the reception started. During the toasts Zach’s best man delivered such a moving speech. This was probably the fourth time I cried! You could tell the bond between these friends was so strong. Jennifer’s Maid of Honor was up next and her speech was quick because she too was very emotional, but shared that she learned how to love watching the couple go from boyfriend and girlfriend, to having a child, to now getting married!

After the formal portion was finished the party had begun! The first wedding that I have ever attended where the groom smashed cake in the bride’s face. The pair became so playful it was so cute to watch. Congratulations Jennifer and Zach! We LOVED every minute of your wedding! Stay tuned to Lininger Rood for the full wedding blog post soon!


Jennifer and Zach Married in Kansas City



Jennifer and Zach married in Kansas City

June 27, 2017

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    So very pretty!!! Wish this for myself one day.


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