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We met Tessa and Zane at Starbucks at the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. ┬áZane told us that he is currently a Sergeant, serving in the United States Army and Tessa has been a dancer since she was a little girl. We also learned that the couple was incorporating the Seattle Seahawks colors in their wedding, which I liked a lot because before we moved to KC we lived 45 minutes from Seattle. My mom came with me to this meeting because John was away at school in Washington. D.C. and my mom really wanted to know how I met with clients. Since Tessa and Zane were not local because of Zane’s military status, we quickly decided to hang out at the Nelson-Atkins Museum for a sunset session because of how beautiful the grounds are kept year around.

When we arrived at the Nelson-Atkins Museum It was prom season! The grounds were completely covered with teenagers in beautiful dresses and some amazing suits. It seemed like we were battling crowds of kids and parents to be able to land on the spots we wanted  to take photographs. We waited around 30 minutes with Tessa and Zane until the crowds cleared. We did get a chance to talk with them about their wedding plans and see a super cute side of the couple. Tessa was very playful with Zane and we loved every minute of the interaction.

The Nelson-Atkins Museum has a few birdie’s on the grounds. Sunset was upon us and looked so amazing with the big birdie in the background. We photographed the two in free play and just allowed them to be themselves. We ended with the two of them laying in each others arms and sent the couple off to a party with their families before they headed back to Zane’s duty station with the Army.

A few months ago we found out that Tessa used to dance with our bride Katrina and is a longtime friend of hers. You can see their wedding day Here. We can’t wait to see Tessa and Zane at The Berg in July.

Tessa + Zane sunset session at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

Tessa + Zane sunset session at the Nelson-Atkins Museum

Tessa + Zane sunset session at the Nelson-Atkins

June 8, 2017

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