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October 28th isn’t normally a chilly day in the midwest, but on this day it was freezing. We traveled to Kansas for this private estate Kansas City Wedding. Lydia and Jordan was the wedding I was so excited for. If you missed the engagement session check here. These two have been together forever and their wedding day had finally arrived!

Napriek tomu nemeckí lekári tento liek, ktorý sa vyrába vo Freiburgu na juhu Nemecka, takmer nepredpisujú. Napriek vysokej účinnosti tabletky zostávajú zásoby objednané federálnou vládou takmer nevyužité: na sklade je milión dávok a predpísaných bolo len asi 10 000.

When John and I arrived, the house filled with many people. On one side of the upstairs, the bridesmaids were cheerfully getting ready and on the other side, the groomsmen. When I entered the getting ready space I was greeted by all the maids and got a chance to see her bridesmaids dresses ordered from Asos. I love this online store and was excited to see them because she had mentioned all of the ladies had different styles.

Jordan and Lydia’s father were tying up loose ends for the wedding so I didn’t get much time to chat with Jordan but I could tell from the second I saw him that he was excited and ready to see Lydia as a bride. The groom and his men worked until ten minutes before the first look. We almost thought we weren’t going to get Jordan dressed at all!

Lydia and Jordan exchanged love letters and read them out loud when they saw each other, it was a perfect moment. After the first look we took a few minutes for bridal party images and bride and groom portraits. “Matrimony” is a word I think I’ll never forget!

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful! The pair were married at Jordan’s family home and the ceremony was very emotional. Lydia’s father cried walking her down the aisle which of course made many of the guests shed a few tears.

Lydia and Jordan, you guys are such an amazing couple. We wish you a lifetime of marital bliss.
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Lydia + Jordan

Lydia + Jordan

After the Ceremony Lydia changed into the most gorgeous dress and we all went out for a sunset portrait session.

Lydia + Jordan

Lydia + Jordan

Private Estate Kansas City Wedding Lydia + Jordan

February 16, 2018

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  1. Sarah says:

    Wowwwww you’re attention to detail is amazing! I love your style for capturing weddings!

  2. Girl- you captured this beautifully! Lydia is a stunning bride- congrats to her and her HUBBY! <3 That never gets old

  3. Stunning Kansas City Wedding photography! That dress though! Love the embellishments.

  4. These are such gorgeous pictures of a Kansas City wedding. The wedding backdrop with the purple flowers was so pretty. You did a fantastic job.

  5. Cierra says:

    Wow, what a stunning private estate wedding! Her dress looks so unique and colorful, and your style matches their wedding perfectly! I love all of the bright, clean colors and happiness you’ve captured in their photos. Absolutely wonderful!

  6. I love private estate weddings! The ASOS bridesmaids dresses were so cool, and how fun for everyone to get ready in the same house! Plus, her reception dress was a stunner! Amazing job!

  7. Laura P says:

    That was a fun backdrop for their wedding. Is the bride a creative professional? There were so many touches that made me feel like she probably is. The dock photos were my favorites.

  8. Jennifer M. Outlaw says:

    What a gorgeous bride! She was glowing the entire day. You did such an amazing job capturing the love that they shared. They are going to cherish these images forever.

  9. Sarah Holladay says:

    Congratulations to Lydia and Jordan! We have family in Kansas City and it’s such a beautiful city. I love how intimate the wedding is and how sentimental being on his family home is. Her dress embroidery is absolutely exquisite!! What a gorgeous event, I”m sure they’re blessed to have chosen you as their wedding photographer!


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