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Rachel reached out to us in October about her wedding and the four of us didn’t sit down for the first consultation until February because of our schedules. When we did get a chance to meet Rachael and Drake, we knew that we had to book this couple. They were fun, very much in love and laughed with us the entire consultation. Sounds like the ideal bride right? A few weeks later Rachael emailed wanting to move forward with us and we couldn’t have been more excited! When it was time for the session Rachael and Drake had their engagement at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art!

We had such an extended winter this year that we had to postpone the couples engagement session a few times due to the cold weather. It had barely been sunny, we didn’t have any leaves on the trees and it was freezing in May! About two weeks after the arctic temps, Summer hit the midwest, we totally skipped Spring! Rachael and I decided on two separate sessions and for this blog, the second session will be located at a local winery.

Rachael, Drake and I walked around the museum grounds talking, laughing and chasing light. It was so much fun! The outfits they chose were stunning and I took full advantage of photographing them! I think I took too much time, but I am really happy I did. These two were so cute they almost gained a son. A little boy, who was taking family photos with his parents, wanted so badly to be a part of Rachael and Drake’s session. He followed us from one place to the next probably because Rachael looked absolutely gorgeous!

John and I always recommend a super dressy outfit for your engagement session. Rachael went to have her hair and makeup done on the Plaza at Parlor and Drake had a nice suit on with a fresh haircut. Looking and feeling great is such a confidence booster on the day of your session. Follow along on the blog to see their second session here in a few weeks!


Rachael and Drake Engagement at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Rachael and Drake Engagement at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Rachael + Drake engagement at the Nelson Atkins

May 29, 2018

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  1. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful photos and a beautiful couple. Her dress is stunning! I can wait to see the winery pictures.

  2. Marice Adams says:

    Beautiful bride-to-be, handsome young man, magnificent photography.

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