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Whitney Kinnison and I met over Instagram and she quickly became one of my KC photographer friends. I started second shooting under her company last year and we really got a chance to know each other at dinners during weddings, sounds crazy right, LOL!

Over all the talking and loud music, Whitney and I would talk about almost everything in the 30 minutes or so that we had to eat. So when she told me that she was pregnant at one of those wedding dinners and that she was interested in a session in film with baby Elsie, I was too excited!

We settled on a date once Elsie made her debut and met in the wildflower field for the session. When Whitney and the crew arrived, she brought out Elsie as I was putting my keys in my bag, locking the door. I went to almost grab the bag but then caught a glimpse of Elsie, who was awake at the time.

Elsie was looking around and smiling, I instantly fell in love and went to get a closer look at her. As I stepped away from my car door, a small breeze pushed the door closed and of course, it was locked. Panicked, I asked Whitney if I could call John so he can bring the spare, since we lived about ten minutes away and she agreed.

By this time Elsie was hungry and a bit fussy but still the cutest baby EVER! During her feeding time, John arrived with the keys and we were able to continue the session, thank goodness! We started shooting and maybe about 6 minutes in, Elsie was even more fussy and wanting to nap. So much for the perfect session with the chaos of a locked door.

I got thru a roll and a half of film and was pretty embarrassed behind the whole debacle. Two weeks later, when the film arrived from my lab, I was amazed at how beautiful those 23 images had turned out. I couldn’t believe one of them was actually usable because it felt so rushed. Moral of the story here, trust and believe in yourself because dreams do come true!

Thank you Whitney for allowing me to capture your Mama & Me session on film, this was one session I am most proud of. Come back HERE for more blog posts soon!

Whitney + Baby Elsie wildflower field
Whitney + Baby Elsie wildflower field

Whitney + Baby Elsie wildflower field

May 30, 2019

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