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There’s no secret that styled shoots are becoming such a huge part of our industry. We use them to showcase so many things, but most of all we use them to attract the type of clients we wish to book or give brides an idea of vendors that will/can deliver the perfect planned event.

I love to work with new businesses to help them grow and honestly, I love being the first person that they use to represent their product. It’s kind of cliche but it’s something I really enjoy. So when I reached out to Jamie and Laura of Good Stuff China, I was thrilled that they were willing to create a look for Ashlie and I.

Ashlie is the owner and floral designer behind Blue Bouquet. We met at a workshop that we assisted on together back in March. I love everything about Ashlie’s style and her vibe is just so relaxed. She is a master designer and when she puts something together, it is always the most amazing scene.

Jamie and Laura opened for business earlier this year and have already been making a pretty good name for themselves. Their taste in china and dinnerware is impeccable. Fun fact, brides can now purchase their head table china that they use on their wedding day!

Nellie Sparkman provided us with the most beautiful stationery. Although she is not new to the KC market, she and I had not had the chance to collaborate before, so this was truly special.

We settled on a date for this creative collaboration and we literally talked about all things wedding, business and just plain life when we were all together. It was an amazing experience and such a refreshing feeling.

Here’s a look into the two tables that were put together by these amazing women. Check back HERE for more on the blog soon!

KC Creative Collaborations

June 6, 2019

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