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Since the Midwest has become the little arctic tundra in the last few days, let’s warm things up a bit. If you’ve read our launch blog post you may remember me talking about my desert anniversary session in California (If you missed it click HERE to catch up). For those of you that are looking into booking work in other States or even worldwide you may think it’s harder than it actually is. I simply used instagram to book this session and if you follow along I’ll tell you how I achieved this. I was sent to California for two weeks for a class. I arrived to LAX around 10pm and had to drive to Barstow which was around 2 hours away. It was completely dark out so I didn’t see the surrounding area until morning. When I woke up the next day I was floored at the view.

I woke up at sunrise and wanted to see what my surroundings were so I peeked out the side of the blinds, barely getting enough sight because I thought it was going to be dull and boring. To my surprise I was located in the Mojave Desert. I ran to the patio and opened the door and was just speechless as the sun was rising over the mountains. I had to be in class at 10 so I hurried to do a google search about this place.

When it was time for me to go to class, I realized it was extremely hot out and venturing out during high noon was NOT on the top of my to do list (I mean it was mid-July). My first day of classes were really relaxed. So I had time to go back to my hotel room and plan a shoot, or at least dream of one. I thought up what I wanted to do and published a story on Instagram making sure I tagged the city so that people who watched the city’s Instagram could check out my work and hopefully give me a chance!

A few hours later I received a DM from 4 people wanting to do a shoot with me. I was pretty surprised that even ONE person responded but they did and I was excited! I chose one couple and we decided to meet to talk about the shoot. They were super nice and even cooked me dinner…how fun! We settled on a date and of course we chose to do a sunrise session. This couple didn’t really have formal wedding images and their anniversary was a few weeks earlier so naturally we decided on an anniversary session.

The next morning we met 45 minutes before sunrise to drive to the location. Kimberly and Regino looked amazing! While we drove we talked and laughed. We hung out waiting for the sun and when it met the horizon we quickly jumped out. These two were naturals in front of the camera and their love was so apparent. I didn’t have to coach or pose too much because they were enjoying all the free play on their own. I was in love with this part so I stayed silent letting them live in their moment.

After the sun was over the mountains we ventured to the rocky side of the mountain. Regino was so sweet to Kimberly, making sure she didn’t stumble on all the loose rocks beneath her feet. Chivalry is alive and well my friends. When the session was complete I snapped a picture of a huge aloe plant in their neighbors yard, I completely looked like a creep but I’m fine with that! Kimberly and Regino, you two were a blast to hang out with and we wish you many more years of happiness together.

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Desert Anniversary Shoot

Kimberly + Regino Anniversary

Desert Anniversary Session

January 4, 2018

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  1. Hautegreyfox says:

    This is such a beautiful story and the images are simply amazing! Great post!

  2. Beth says:

    Absolutely stunning shoot ???? I have lived in California for 4 years now and still have not made it out to the desert for a photo shoot but I am living for this!

  3. Tamieka Smith says:

    Beautiful! These should be on the cover of a magazine.


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