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Elaine + Chris
Elaine + Chris

In the Summer of 2016 I was a member of a training camp for the U.S. Army Cadet Command. I was one of two women assigned to work as what you would call field mentors, for lack of a huge explanation. That Summer I met Cadet Candelaria, she was the sweetest cadet. Many times we would always find ourselves talking about school and photography- The Army was almost always secondary.

When I started sharing my work with her, she told me that I would photographer her wedding one day. Which is the coolest compliment, but let’s face it…sometimes things just don’t happen like that. So when Elaine reached out to us just over a year ago, I was shocked that she remembered and also that she still wanted us to photograph the big day.

I arrived in San Antonio the Thursday before their Saturday wedding. We hung out together at the St. Anthony Hotel, where Elaine and Chris’ reception was going to take place. We got a small session in and I was able to see all the spots they wanted to take pictures for the day. The Hotel is absolutely beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see the day unfold here. After our session I headed to my Hotel to relax until the big day.

When Saturday came I was so excited to see Elaine as a bride. When we entered the room Elaine was already glowing and so very happy. We photographed details and the girls and everyone laughed a lot. We then went to check on the guys and take some photographs in their space. The biggest thing we noticed about them was, they were happy, and ready to get to the cathedral!

Elaine and Chris’ day will be placed on my blog in two parts…here’s part I

Elaine + Chris
Elaine + Chris

Elaine + Chris San Antonio Part I

March 31, 2020

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  1. Pol Sena says:

    What a gorgeous couple! I love the colors that they chose for their wedding. The images are all stunning, and that smoke bomb/sparkler exit is so creative and fun! Excellent work!!!

  2. powerful and moving images! So good!


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