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It’s been well over a year since I have touched my blog, so let’s blow off the dust for a minute. I have been lucky to still be very present in both my day job as an Army Soldier and a fine art photographer. This last year and a half has been a busy one for me as I was inserted back into the operational Army (which just means my day job takes so much more of a priority for me, than the last few years when I was in KC) which has given me a new found love for a job I started being committed to over 18 years ago.

Let me introduce you to this gorgeous couple, shall I? Brandon and I met working in the same office during COVID in Mar of 2020. He is what we call a Chief in the Army and while his stature is a big one, he is so very quiet and reserved but when he speaks at work…EVERYONE listens!

If anyone knows me and how strict I am as an Army leader, then you know it feels totally weird to be calling Chief by his first name, even though I am writing a blog and not addressing him directly. Anyway…back to the post…Brandon and Ni met over ten years ago when he was stationed right here in Clarksville. the pair were married and today share a set of twin boys and a sweet baby girl.

For their anniversary session, I knew I wanted to take them out of the Clarksville area and into beautiful Nashville. The McLaurin family has a beautiful bond with the Lord, so I knew I wanted a church or cathedral setting so we set our sights on the Scarritt-Bennett Center and it couldn’t have been a more beautiful space for anniversary portraits.

We walked and talked about their three children and what the secret is to a great marriage. I remember them saying a lot of things, but most importantly…keep God first! We talked a lot about cooking and holiday planning as well as finding cute little nooks to put the two into poses for the session.

We ended the session at the Parthenon in the heart of Nashville and I absolutely fell in love with those last shots of film. McLaurin family, I truly adore you all and enjoyed the entire experience with the two of you. If you haven’t checked out Ni on Instagram, go follow @Chairmanofthe_board for the most mouth watering Charcuterie Boards!

Ni + Brandon’s 10 year Anniversary Session

November 22, 2021

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  1. Ann Bivens says:

    This is so beautiful, wonderful work and beautiful coupleđź’•

  2. Teresa mclaurin says:

    This is so beautiful and as his mother I want to say I really love my oldest son and my beautiful daughter n law 4life

  3. Gloria Nelson says:

    Happy Anniversary!! I only know Ni, having worked with her. But I know that she is devoted to her husband and family. May you have many more anniversaries.


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