Lyna + Abdul

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Lyna and Abdul’s wedding was just a few short weeks ago and I am still exhilarated from this experience. When I met Lyna + Abdul on the plaza for their initial consultation, I could have only imagined what was in store for me on their wedding day. Don’t remember the engagement session? Click HERE. I […]

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Lyna & Abdul’s KC Convention Center

September 19, 2019

Vail, Colorado

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For those of you who don’t know, I am a New York girl that was born in Colorado. I don’t know much about the state because my family moved when I was a baby, but I have always been fascinated by the mountains and the wonder of Colorado as a whole. Amanda Berube invited me […]

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Vail, Colorado Retreat

September 6, 2019

Colleen + Sherrick

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I arrived at the church to see Colleen and her bridesmaids all hanging out in the church basement (the best hangout spot if you ask me). Before the busiest parts of the day began, Kristy and I started on our favorite part of the mornings, which are the details. Colleen used Wild Hill Flowers and […]

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Colleen + Sherrick’s Leavenworth, Wedding

August 9, 2019

LR Photo in Nashville

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The Cat is finally out of the bag….I am moving to Nashville! I think many of my industry friends forget that I am an active duty Soldier, with that comes moving! I have been in the Midwest for 5 years, and while that is almost unheard of in the military (to stay in a place […]

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LR Photo will be Nashville based!

August 2, 2019

Emily + Daylen

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Emily and Daylen’s day was finally here, and the pair set their wedding location at Brookside Gardens. I have had such an amazing time getting to know these two and realized that Emily has so many qualities that I carry. I remember seeing her that afternoon and just loving her energy with her family and […]

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Emily + Daylen Married at Brookside Gardens

July 31, 2019

Lyna + Abdul Loose Park

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There’s no secret that I love Loose Park, it’s practically where I started my career. My very first session in the city was done in the Fall at Loose, so I try to go there for sessions at least once a year. This year I ended up there a few more times than normal but […]

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Lyna + Abdul Kansas City Engagement Session

July 9, 2019

Meet our intern!

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Last year I attended our local Thursday Therapy and had the opportunity to meet Shun’Nita (Shawn-Nita), a new local photographer that was dying to jump further into the wedding industry. Shun’Nita has been with us since the Fall of last year and is now booking weddings under her own company, Golden Image Photography. She is […]

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Meet our new Intern!

June 28, 2019

Foster Wedding

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The Old St. Patrick Oratory is one of the oldest Catholic churches in Kansas City. Upon walking into the church, we had no idea how beautiful this wedding would be. The Parish had traditions that stemmed from the very beginning of its construction. There was a dress code that I found to be breathtaking. I […]

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Abby + Christian married at Old St. Patrick Oratory, Kansas City

June 27, 2019

Reeves Family

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It has been such an honor for other photographers to inquire with me about sessions in film for their families or personal headshot sessions. Lately I have been so excited when my friends in the industry ask me to photograph them, mainly because it has been a dream of mine to be asked but most […]

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Reeves Family Sunset session

June 25, 2019


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Life brings so many changes, and we have a few of our own that I’d like to share with you. John moved two weeks ago out of the state and while it wasn’t the easiest of decisions, it was one we couldn’t change. His move pushed me to relocate closer to my day job’s city, […]

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Life changes!

June 14, 2019

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